Cadet Expectations

Cadets Do:

Maintain their bearing and conduct.

Arrive on time for class.

Greet the teacher on the way into class.

Wear appropriate clothing.

Strive to improve themselves – physically, intellectually, and spiritually.

Honor their word.

Take the initiative.

Remain loyal to their families, fellow cadets and students, their school and their community.

Treat others with dignity and respect regardless of race, religion or gender.

Take care of each other.

Do what is right.


Cadets Don’t:

Wear a sloppy uniform or slouch around with their hands in their pockets

Wear long hair.

Smoke on school grounds.

Fail to respond with a “Sir” or “Ma’am” when speaking with an adult.

Wear hats in class.

Render half-hearted or sloppy salutes to the Stars and Stripes or their officers.

Cut class.

Gang up on anyone.

Question lawful orders.

Lie, cheat or break their word.

Curse or swear.

Cadets don’t abandon a fellow cadet in time of need.

Cadets don’t let down their fellow Cadets by succumbing to drug temptation.