Although students enrolled in JROTC receive an exposure to the military, the primary goal of the program is to develop the leadership skills, character and self-discipline of the participants.  The curriculum stresses ethics, responsibility, and self-reliance through both academic study and drill, where teamwork and discipline is emphasized. Cadets are also expected to demonstrate their sense of responsibility to the larger community through regular participation in events such as fundraisers for St. Joseph’s Children Hospital, and the Marine Corps’ annual Christmas “Toys for Tots” program, as well as by serving on Honor/Color Guard units that are frequently called upon to serve at various community and political events countywide.

As part of our curriculum, we teach rappelling, physical fitness, marksmanship, leadership skills, problem solving techniques as well as the development of good habits and attitudes essential for success and to meet the challenge of adult life.

Cadet Trips

Trips are planned throughout the year to various military installations for tours and to better acquaint the cadet with how the modern military operates. Highlights of this year included:

  • Marine Corps Logistics Base – Barstow, California
  • Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center – Twenty-Nine Palms, California
  • The Marine Corps Recruit Depot – San Diego, California

Plans for the future include:

  • Marine Corps Air Station – Miramar, California
  • Camp Pendleton, California

Each school year, a one week orientation visit is planned at a major Marine Corps Installation where cadets are offered the opportunity to live in the barracks and participate in Marine Corps training activities.

If you would like more information, call us at (714) 628-5666 (a direct line into the Orange High Marine Corps JROTC office.) We will be happy to answer all of your questions.