Student Benefits

1. PE CREDIT – Elective credit and Physical Education credit will be offered for each student who successfully participates at each grade level.

2. HIGHER RANK FOR ENLISTMENT – If a cadet decides to enlist directly into the armed forces following high school graduation; they can enter at a higher rank by virtue of their participation in MCJROTC.

3. COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS – Chances for obtaining a college ROTC scholarship (worth as much as $150,000) are improved if a student has had MCJROTC. In addition, colleges may also give ROTC credit for MCJROTC, reducing the overall requirement for graduation. Finally – there are certain scholarships offered at Orange High School which are available only to JROTC cadets.

4. NAVAL ACADEMY NOMINATIONS- Each Honor School in the Marine Corps JROTC program is allowed to nominate outstanding cadets for appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy. This privilege allows a cadet to circumvent competition with civilian applicants for the limited number of congressional appointments.